Deep Focus

2016.10.10 Vijay Iyer on Thelonious Monk - 1 of 2

October 5, 2021
It's a special Thelonious Monk birthday week Deep Focus from 2016 with host Mitch Goldman and his guest, pianist Vijay Iyer.  Of Monk, Vijay Iyer has said, "I think about Thelonious Monk every day. He's my biggest influence by far.”  Insights and exquisitely rare recordings will abound.  


Sunday October 10, 2021 in addition to being Monk's 104th birthday anniversary, is also the 80th anniversary of WKCR being granted its FM broadcast license by the FCC. Come on now, people: stand up and cheer!

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Photo credit: William P. Gottlieb, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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