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2013.12.02 Vernon Reid on Ronald Shannon Jackson - 3 of 3

September 5, 2021

"And Senator: can you imagine being able to smell a flower - on the planet Mars?"
Strangers on a Train, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, performance by Robert Walker, Warner Bros., 1951.

"The Decoding Society was a band but it was also a way of thinking about things.  Shannon would always say, 'It ain't what you think it is. What you think it is? It ain't that.'"

Vernon Reid, Deep Focus with host Mitch Goldman, WKCR, New York, Dec.2, 2013
What if you saw a group of people who appeared to be talking amongst themselves at great distance and you didn't know that they had just invented the cel phone?  You might think they were crazy or, if you're very perceptive, you still might be completely baffled, entranced, just utterly gobsmacked.  Now, if invited, would you join the conversation?
 Vernon Reid's answer to that question was yes.  And that response granted him access to places far beyond the bounds of the known universe.  Join us for this memorial broadcast for Ronald Shannon Jackson from 2013, the last in a series of 4 broadcasts.  Our money-back guarantee: all shall be revealed.
Now that we have nearly 200 episodes posted, many of you have asked for a way to search through old episodes.  Your request has been answered.  You'll find a search bar at
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